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Washington, D.C.
Current Moon Phase over Washington DC

The Satanic Underground of Washington, DC is a long-established informal circle of avowed Satanists from Baltimore to Richmond who live Satanism in accordance with the tenets expressed by Anton Szandor LaVey in The Satanic Bible and in The Church of Satan.  The sole purpose of this unholy cabal is to provide a point of contact for confirmed minions of Satan to meet other Satanists of like mind and to occasionally come together for fun, magic, support and indulgence.  You do NOT have to be a member of the Church of Satan to become part of the Underground but you absolutely MUST ....

Be a dedicated Satanist - If you are not certain, do not apply.
Be an adult over the age of 18
Be familiar with the literature of Satanism
Live within driving distance of Washington, DC for at least part of the year
Complete a fairly basic e-mail questionaire (available on request)

If you meet the first four requirements, then please send us a brief introductory email at...

DO NOT e-mail us if you are not a Satanist or if you do not meet all of the first four requiremets. DO NOT e-mail us for basic education about Satanism.  The Underground is NOT an initiatory or teaching organization. To delve into the deep, dark reality of Satanism, you must begin with The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey.  It is available in the magick / occult section of almost every major bookstore.  We do not tolerate ignorance well.  Additional on-line resources are linked below.

DO NOT e-mail us with boring Christian drivel.  We are well past that and will likely retaliate against you for wasting our time.  We are vicious and brutally vengeful.  That is the only warning you will get..

Church of Satan - The official web site for the Church of Satan
Letters to the Devil - A world-wide message board administered by members of the Church of Satan but open to all who wish to ask questions or discuss Satanism.
Satanism: The Feared Religion by Magus Peter Gilmore - an essential essay.  Read it.
The Satanic Bible - Order one from
Rabid Crow Art + Graphics - Excellent source for Satanic art and apparel suitable for ritual.   


For those wishing to know what a genuine Satanic ritual looks like, this video is highly accurate depiction almost precisely as prescribed in The Satanic Bible.